Start to finish.

You can't have a vibrant end result without a beautifully prelightened base.


Beautifully blended ombre with copper overlay.

Trust the process.

Beauty in stages.


Sun kissed.

Color Melt.

Dimension for days.


This beauty had virgin hair and was looking for a subtle change to add dimension without harsh lines.

Touch up.

The beautiful thing about soft dimension is that it doesn't need to be done at every visit. We touched up her base and her dimension just blends.

Killer curls.

Dimensional color makes curling fun.

Soft ombre.

Ombre is only as bold as you want it to be.

Dimensional Color.

Natural and sunkissed look for this lovely lady.

Beautifully blended.

What a beautiful natural base for some soft dimensional color.

Youthful "natural" redhead.

This color takes her back to her high school days. Love that match up, every single time.


She wanted bold. I delivered.


Done with foils and teasing.

Gorgeous color curled or straight.

Versatility is key with dimensional color.

Before and after.

Isn't she gorgeous!

Which one do you like?

Beautifully blended curly or straight.

Warm it up a little.

She wanted a warm up without too much commitment. We like to play with her ombre and change the tone often.

Sun kissed.

Natural dimensional color for this teen.

Bridal beauty.

When a new client comes in and says her wedding is next month and she wants something different. I offered a beautiful, natural bit of dimension.

Copper beauty.


Brighter around her face.

Slow and steady.

Multiple ombre lightening services were done to achieve this lightness and maintain the integrity of her hair.

Pulp Riot.

Peek a boo.

Straight or curly?

Either way this one is Pulp Riot for the win.

Pulp Riot overlay.

An ombre is the perfect base for some fun color.

From faded to fabulous.

Modern color. Vintage style.




Chicago, IL


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